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Data Eng Weekly (previously known as Hadoop Weekly) is published most Sunday evenings to over 11,000 subscribers. It covers technical software posts on topics like Apache Hadoop, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

Subscribers are technical—software developers and other folks working in data-related roles. Sponsored content in Data Eng Weekly is one of the best ways to reach this audience.

Sponsored Posts - Cost and Content

Ads are purchased for two issues (consecutive or not) at a rate of $500 US. You should expect to see between 300 and 1000 clicks.

The newsletter is plain text, which means no special formatting. You can choose a section (Technical, Sponsored, News, Releases, Events) based on the type of your post. The actual text should be around 200 characters (plus a link). For example:

O'Reilly is offering readers of Hadoop Weekly a 20%
discount on any pass to the upcoming Strata + Hadoop
World with discount code HADOOPW. The conference
takes place September 29 - October 1st in New York.
See the link below for the agenda and speaker lineup.



If you'd like to purchase a sponsored post, please email with:

I will get back to you with proposed dates for including your sponsored post in upcoming issues.

Types of posts

Some good types of sponsored posts include:

Job Board

Data Eng Weekly also has a job board. Postings are for 31 days (for pricing and more details see

Each week's newsletter contains a link to this job board.

If you'd like to have a specific call out for your job post in a weekly newsletter, please consider purchasing a Sponsored Post (see above).

Further questions

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