Data Eng Weekly

Hadoop Weekly Issue #196

11 December 2016

Lots of great content this week, including two articles showing off the newly released Amazon Athena. Slack has also written about their AWS-based data infrastructure and some of the challenges they ran into when supporting multiple analysis systems. Finally, there are a handful of releases, including a new version of Apache Hive.


A common practice is to run batch processes (Spark, MapReduce) to produce a dataset (often key/value) for serving in production. Netflix has open-sourced their tool, Hollow, for serving up these read-only datasets. It has some neat optimizations to memory footprint as well as a history tool for inspecting how data is changing by specific record.

Amazon has published a 5 part series on optimizing performance of Redshift through improved table design. Topics covered include distribution keys, sort keys, compression encoding, and data durability.

This post shows a real-world example of using Amazon's recently announced Athena (which is based on Presto) to analyze logs produced by an Application Load Balancer and stored in S3.

The SNOW theorem formalizes a set of design trade-offs that most people building high performance systems have considered for years. The notion is that of Strict serializability, Non-blocking, One response per read, and Write transactions, you can choose three but not all four when designing a system. As usual, the morning paper has a great overview of the key concepts from the paper.

InfoQ has posted the slides and video from Confluent co-founder and CTO Neha Narkhede's QCon presentation entitled "ETL is Dead, Long-live streams." If you're interested in stream processing and haven't seen Neha speak, I highly recommend watching to understand the concepts and architecture that are driving much of the industry.

This post provides a quick walkthrough of getting starting with Apache Kafka using the Clojure language.

For a more involved example of Amazon Athena, this post describes first preparing genomics data (by among other things, converting to Apache Parquet) using Apache Spark. Next, there are example queries to do various simple aggregate analysis using Athena.

The data engineering team at Slack has written about their AWS-based data platform. They store data as Parquet in S3 and query it using Apache Hive, Apache Spark, and Presto. Each tool has its own subtle bugs or inconsistencies in how it interacts with Parquet data (there are several examples in the post), so the Slack team eventually built their own input/output formats to ensure consistency.

This post describes the various YARN-related memory settings as well as some of the main culprits for exhausting memory in a MapReduce job.

NOPaxos, which relies on Network Ordering, is an alternative to Paxos that offers better performance within the data center. It relies on a multicast network primitive in which all receivers process messages in the same order but in which some messages can be lost. The morning paper has details on the algorithm and how it performs in an experimental setting.

The Databricks blog has an example of using Apache Airflow (incubating) to manage a Databricks cluster using their REST API. Even if you're not using Databricks, the post has a useful introduction to Airflow.

The Cloudera blog has a post sharing some snippets for working with CSV files from Spark. Versus a non-distributed version, Spark provides excellent speedups and also offers the ability to transform to optimized formats like Parquet.

The DataTorrent blog has a post about the process of integrating the Apache SAMOA streaming machine learning library with Apache Apex.


insideBIGDATA has an interview with Confluent's Gwen Shapira about the fast data movement (which is often powered by Kafka) and some of the key challenges that an organization will face when building real-time streaming systems.


Apache NiFi announced version 0.1.0 of MiNiFi for Java and C++. The C++ version isn't yet consider production-ready, and the Java version includes important new features like the ability to do pull-based configuration changes.

BlueData announced that BlueData EPIC is now GA on Amazon Web Services. EPIC is a tool for managing big data systems, and it supports multiple different distributions of Hadoop, hybrid clouds, resource quotes on AWS, and more.

Apache Apex Malhar, the operator and codec library for Apex, has announced version 3.6.0. It is the first version to include SQL support (built via Apache Calcite) and includes several other improvements.

Apache Hive 2.1.1 has been released. There are over 200 resolved issues for the release. Many of those are bug fixes, including to Hive's Live Long and Prosper support.

MapR has announced version 2.0 of their MapR Ecosystem Packs. The release includes new versions of Spark, Drill, Kafka (including Connect and the REST Proxy), Hue, and more.

kafka-connect-jmx is a new kafka connect module that pulls data from JMX for a Java process and writes it Kafka as JSON.


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