Data Eng Weekly

Hadoop Weekly Issue #183

21 August 2016

This week's issue is short and sweet, featuring articles on Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, and HAWQ. In releases, Apache Phoenix and Apache Gearpump, which is a relatively new incubator project for real-time streaming implemented with Akka Actors, both had a releases.


SparkSession, exposed as spark in the spark-shell, is a new API in Spark 2.0. The SparkSession aims to be a unified entry point by providing the same functionality as the SparkContext, SQLContext, and more (including creation of Datasets and Dataframes). The Databricks blog has an overview of the main functionality of SparkSession.

The Hortonworks blog has a post about Hadoop in the cloud. It discusses some of the challenges (e.g. different semantics in blob stores, different security integration), and the improvements planned to address them (e.g. caching, improved connectors).

Pivotal has created a docker-based sandbox (both single and multi-node) for Apache HAWQ (incubating). HAWQ is a MPP database that's integrated with Hadoop. There introductory block post has background and information on getting started.

Apache Hadoop has a tool called create-release for building releases, creating release notes, signing artifacts, and more. This post describes how to use the tool to build your own release, and how to use some of the non-default settings such as building native libraries and building via Docker.

The LINE Engineers' Blog has a post on how LINE is deploying Kafka with Kafka Streams. The article describes how they decided on Kafka Streams (vs. Samza), some of its compelling features, two applications built on the platform, and some of the improvements to Kafka Streams the LINE team has made.


Hortonworks and Microsoft have a strong partnership—the Hortonworks Data Platform powers Azure HDInsight, and Hortonworks worked on Windows support for Hadoop. This interview has more details about the relationship and the state of Hadoop on Microsoft Azure.

The Hadoop project recently captured some criteria and example paths to becoming a committer for the project. If you're a contributor or are thinking of contributing, this adds some useful context to what it takes to become a committer.

Cloudera has reaffirmed their commitment to Apache Spark. The post highlight streaming and machine learning applications, and it notes that Spark 2.0 has high expectations.


Apache Gearpump (incubating), the real-time stream processing system built on Akka, has released version 0.8.1-incubating. The release includes a number of changes (e.g. link updates, package renames) related to the projects entry into the Apache incubator.

Apache Phoenix 4.8 was released this week. The release includes a number of bug fixes, OFFSET support for pagination, Apache Hive integration, and more.


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